About us

The International Rhetoric Workshop (IRW) is an international workshop for emerging scholars and PhD students in rhetoric. The workshop offers a space for young scholars in the global rhetoric community to engage each other’s work and to connect with internationally renowned scholars. Held over the course of three days, IRW consists of: workshop sessions in which participants review and discuss drafts of ongoing research with faculty; an opening keynote address on each day from internationally renowned scholars; and faculty discussion panels engaging with topics relevant to the theme and to workshop participants’ research.

IRW was founded by Frida Buhre, David Miguel Molina, Erik Bengtson and Robert Topinka – all Ph.D. students at the time. The first workshop was hosted in Uppsala in Sweden in 2016. Two years later, in 2018, the second workshop was hosted in Ghent in Belgium by a new group of Ph.D. students. The 2020 workshop was hosted in San Luis Potosí, Mexico, but meetings were moved online due to COVID-19.

Now, we are planning our summer 2024 workshop in Volos, Greece, and more details will be posted soon. 

From the Founders

You know how it goes: the previous presenter runs late and you have to run through your paper, and then at the Q&A you get two questions and one was not even related to your talk. It seems like a lot of effort to go to a conference for that kind of feedback.

Frida, sometime in November 2014

That statement was the beginning of IRW. We were discussing the general state of rhetoric in academia and how hard it is to meet and actually engage with scholars from around the world.  Then Frida voiced her concern that, even if you do go to international events, it often does not quite deliver–and usually the best development for your research happens over dinner or at the bar. So, even though we are big fans of conference food and drink, we decided to develop an event where the key features are engaged dialogue and the development of research. This means no more sprint readings of papers, no more wasted Q&A, and a lot more time for discussion with others who share similar scholarly interests.

As we worked to establish the IRW over the past year, we’ve had our sights set on offering a different kind of conference: a workshop where young scholars (PhDs and recently dissertated) get the chance to have their work closely read by 4-5 other young scholars and one established faculty member with similar interests. This comes with the extra bonus of getting the opportunity to read other young scholar’s work, participate in panel discussions and development sessions, and hearing some amazing lectures by distinguished keynotes.

One additional, central feature of IRW is that it offers an international meeting place with rotating host universities. If the study of rhetoric is to continue to extend its global reach, an international network of graduate students and emerging scholars should be a central site for this work. The IRW thus provides an opportunity to connect scholars worldwide to pursue how this globalization–along with the globalization of many other commercial, cultural, and political practices–might transform the study of rhetoric.

IRW has already received significant international interest. Besides invited faculty from eight different countries, the workshop has applicants from China, USA, Brazil, Germany, Iran, UK, Argentina, Ghana, the Netherlands, Israel, Denmark, Croatia, Namibia and Qatar, to mention a few. We are thrilled to see this development and hope that more scholars will join us as IRW gathers momentum.

With the promise of a different type of conference, in which each scholar’s work becomes part of the general conversation,


Frida, Erik, Rob and Dave

Advisory Board

Brent Lucia

Assistant Professor In-Residence in Professional Communication & Business Writing, University of Conneticut School of Business, US. Chair of the IRW (2020-).

Ana Vlah

Speech Coach at Croatian National TV and PhD student at Utrecht University, Netherlands. Chair-Elect of the IRW (2020-).

Marta Kobylska

Assistant Professor at the University of Rzeszów, Rzeszow, Poland. Treasurer of the IRW (2020-).

José Luis Quintero Ramirez

Secretary of the IRW (2020-)

David Miguel Molina

Lecturer in Department of Communication, University of Pittsburgh, US.
Founder of IRW and Treasurer (2018-2020).

James Proszek

Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Public Culture, Northwestern University, US. Secretary of the IRW (2018-2020).

Rebecca Dingo

Associate Professor of English and Director of the Writing Program, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, US.

Ida Vikøren Andersen

Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Media Studies (2016-2020). Postdoctor at CLIMLIFE, Department of Foreign Languages, University of Bergen, Norway.

Moran Pollack

Ph.D. in Rhetoric, School of Communication, Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan, Israel.

Kacper Andrychowski

Classical philologist, philosopher and a lecturer in Latin language at the University of Warsaw, Poland.

Emeritus members

Frida Buhre

Founder and Chair of IRW (2018-2020)

Erik Bengtson

Founder of IRW.

Kris Rutten
Matthew Houdek
Jessica Enoch